St. Theresa International Commercial College was established in 1980. The school duly accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education, Office of the private Education Commission.

One of Thailand’s leading private institutions, we offer quality education that maximizes our graduates’ options. Our students are taught to understand leadership and responsibility, realize their personal potential and contribute to national development. Recognized by the Thai Ministry of Education’s Board of Private Education, the College has been acclaimed by the international business community for its commitment in fostering professionalism and efficiency in various business fields.

The College offers courses such as the 3-Year PorWorChor (PWC) equivalent to Higher National Certificate and the 2-Year ProWorSor (PWS) equivalent to Higher National Diploma, as well as, English Immersion Programe intended to prepare new students for English classroom instructions before the Academic Year commences. Part-Time course are also available for working people.